If you are reading this, you are likely interested in recycling - good for you! Many discarded household items can take decades (sometimes centuries) to completed decompose in a landfill - so anything you can do to recycle items instead of discarding them is welcomed by the environment.

Recycling Household Electronics

Not only is recycling electronics like computers and cell phones good for the environment, it is required by law in many areas! Many local governments have realized that some household electronics can leach harmful materials into the ground over time. As a result it may be against the law to simply throw your household electronics in the trash. If you are unsure of the recycling policy for electronics in your area, contact your local village hall (or look on their website). Many local governments will accept unwanted electronics at designated drop off centers. You can also do an Internet search for 'electronics recycling' in your town and see if there are local companies that will pay you for your items.

Recycling Aluminum Cans & Glass Bottles

Aluminum cans and glass bottles are the most common household items that are recycled, so give them a rinse when there empty and put them in your recycling container.

Recycling Steel Cans

Don't forget to recycle the metal from the canned food in your cupboard or pantry. You will want to rinse them before you put them in the recycling receptacle so they don't smell after a couple of days.

Recycling Household Paper

Magazines, newspapers and brown paper bags are accepted by most waste disposal companies as recyclable. Many waste providers will also accept other forms of paper (including bulk mail items).

Recycling Household Plastics

If your local waste disposal company has provided you with a receptacle container for recycling, you will be able to recycling most household plastics. To determine if a plastic item is recyclable, look for certain recycling symbols on the item.

Recycling Plastic Bags

Many types of plastic bags are recyclable. These can include plastic shopping bags, newspaper sleeves and dry cleaning bags. There are also many types of plastic bags used in product packaging that can be recycled. To determine if the plastic bag can be recycled, look for the #2 and #4 recycling image. Waste disposal companies typically do not accept plastic bags directly from households, but you can usually drop them off at your local grocery store (look for a receptacle at the entrance).