If you want to market your product or service online, you need to get your advertisements displayed as prominently as possible. If you want to best placement opportunities - you must be willing to pay for the placement. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements allow you to receive prominent placement on a website, and you only have to pay when a person clicks on your ad.

What are the advantages of PPC advertising?

One of the oldest concerns that business owners have about advertising in general is that they are paying for an advertisement that is not reaching their target customers. Internet advertising is no different - especially for websites that discuss numerous topics. When you run a PPC ad, you don't have to pay to have non-target prospects see your ad. Since you are only paying for people to click on your ad, it is a reasonable assumption that the person who clicked on your ad is interested in your product or service.

Where can I purchase PPC advertising?

PPC advertising is most commonly available on search engine websites, like Google.com, Yahoo.com and Bing.com. These search engines utilize their own proprietary software to deliver PPC ads next to the search results they show to their users. PPC advertising is also available on many other websites. Search engines syndicate their customer's ads to publishing partners, while websites with a very large user base may offer their own PPC ad solutions. If you don't want to pursue PPC opportunities yourself, you can hire an advertising agency to assist you with acquiring the placements and designing the ads.